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Customer testimonials

"Time and again, energy started to flow in places where I would never have expected it in my best dreams.
It could have gone on forever, I was totally inside myself, had felt my whole body....
it's difficult to describe, never before have I felt so connected to my body,
arrived, relaxed and peaceful."

"It was probably a groundbreaking decision ... I will never forget that moment when the ropes touched my skin for the first time, when I found deep support in the tightness and firmness and was able to surrender to letting go completely ..."

"Appreciative, gentle and powerful, you sent me on this joyful journey to myself, to where there are tears of happiness and sadness and everything is right...."

"The tingling in my body and the beautiful dwelling between the worlds continued for quite a while.
I could have stayed longer between the worlds.
The session as a whole was timeless. I was completely with myself and completely somewhere else."


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Lomi Lomi Nui
und klassische Wellness Massagen.


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